Make a Jeopardy game using Google Slides

Word Game - Generic

I’ll leave the specific rules of the game up to you, but unless you have a very small class, it’s best to put students into teams when playing. Also, using Google Slides to make Jeopardy doesn’t allow us to keep track of score or to keep track of which questions have been answered. You’ll need to keep track of those things on a white board or something else.

First off, a disclaimer. This post is not sponsored by Jeopardy and I don’t possess any rights to the game or name. That said, it doesn’t mean that we can’t make a Jeopardy-like game for class. This is a fun activity that can get students engaged and working together to answer review questions for material that’s been covered in class. In this tutorial, I’m going to use Google Slides; however, I have another tutorial that covers how to make a Jeopardy game using PowerPoint.

You can watch the video tutorial or follow the written tutorial below.

Here is what the finished product looks like. If you are more artistic than I am, feel free to make yours look much better.

Google Slides - Jeopardy Board
Absolutely beautiful.

Getting started

The first thing that I’m going to do is to edit the master slide. This doesn’t have to be done to make the game work, but it does make some formatting faster. First click “Slide” and then “Edit master.”

Google Slides - Jeopardy Edit Master

In this section, we can set up any formatting that we want all slides to have. I’m going to set all of the slides’ backgrounds to blue and all of the text white.

Google Slides - Jeopardy Change Background

Now, create a new slide. On this slide you can delete any of the text boxes that are on the slide. Insert a table. I chose a 6×6 table so I could have six categories and five questions for each category. Of course, you can chose any number of categories or questions you want. After inserting the table, fill out the information in the table like below .

Google Slides - Jeopardy format

Now, add a new slide. This will be a question slide. In the first box enter “Category 1 – 400.” Whatever you put in that text box will be the slide’s title, which will be important later. In the larger box on the slide put your question information. Note: In real Jeopardy, the board is made of up answers and the the contestants give questions. In our example we’ll do the opposite, so this is the question slide.

- Jeopardy Question Slides

Go ahead and copy that question slide and paste it right below. Put the answer to the question in the larger box. Now, we have a question slide and an answer slide that follows directly after it. Now it’s time to wire up links to make our game work. Go to Insert > Shape > Arrows and select a left pointing arrow and place it in the bottom right of the answer slide. This is going to be our link that goes from the answer slide to the question slide. Right click the arrow and “Link.”

Google Slides - Jeopardy Board Link

This brings up a small box to connect the link to. Under “Slides in this presentation” click “Previous slide.” Go ahead and test this out. Start the presentation on this slide and click the button to make sure that the button does indeed send you back to the previous slide, the question slide, in our case.

Google Slides - Jeopardy Previous SLide

We still have one more button to add to our answer slide: a button to return to the game board. You could use any image for this link, a small silhouette of a house for example, but I’m just going to use a square for now. Place the image or the square next to your arrow button, right click on it and click “Link” like we did with the back button before. This time, however, we will choose the slide that contains our game board. In my case it’s the second slide.

Google Slides - Jeopardy Link to Index

Now we need to go to the game board and link the question score amount to the appropriate question slide. Highlight some text, right click, click “Link,” and pick the appropriate question slide. Remember how I mentioned the title of the slide being important earlier? If you named your slides correctly, by using the category and question score amount in the tile text box, then it should be obvious which slide to link to here. I have mine set up so that the first slide is always the question and the second slide with the same name is always the answer.

Google Slides - Jeopardy Board Link to Question

Start your presentation and test out all the links. Make sure you can go from your board to a specific question, to the answer, back to the question, back to the answer and finally back to the board. To add more questions and answers, just copy the question and answer slide you already have. The buttons that you made are dynamic and will continue to work. The only thing that you’ll have to do is to add question and answer content and link from the board to the question.

You can download the Google Slides document I used used in this project here.

Let me know if you use this in class and how it goes!

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